In an effort to keep Ellie well before surgery, we've been quarantining her.  (Except for the fact that she goes to some of the most germ infested places ever such as airports, airplanes, & hospitals.)  But, other than those places, we are keeping her home from going to unnecessary errands or locations.
That being said, we haven't done much around here in the last week.  It's funny because in some ways, the last week has seemed so normal.  I've had like 2 whole days where we didn't go anywhere at all.  But  then I remember that Ellie did go to the hospital for x-rays last week & also we went to occupational therapy - and yet the week felt pretty quiet!  I've unpacked & will begin repacking today.  We've played soccer and baseball as a family... in shorts in the middle of winter.  We watched a family movie on tv.  Will has played with whatever my tired brain can find to keep him busy with for a few minutes (see above picture.) Just exciting times around here!
Will has really gotten into cooking this week and loves helping with dinner.  He sits on the counter and helps measure things (on the rare occasion that I use a measuring cup) and stir.  His speciality is shaking spices into our meals.  It's fun to teach him about the foods we are eating and how we put together a meal.  I've never been one to hide ingredients from him - with a few exceptions, we expect him to eat or at least try what we are eating as a family.  He likes veggies and fruits and fish and meats.  He doesn't eat much & sometimes requires "reminders" to try what is on his plate but he eats a good variety.  It's fun to include him in the preparing of food.  He's always so proud of himself too when we sit down to eat something he helped prepare.
Ellie had a huge accomplishment a few days ago.  She HELD A TOY!!!  This may not seem like  a big deal, but for someone with limited range of motion and who goes to occupational therapy all the time - this is HUGE!  HUGE!  She grasped a toy and lifted it a few inches and held it for a moment.  I cried.  I yelled for R who came running to watch.  It was a very exciting morning!  Now, if we can just work on getting her to bring the toy forward so she can see what she is doing & hopefully be motivated & rewarded by her work!
Someone is squealing in her crib - break time is over... :)
Coming soon:
How I handle public commenters/gawkers/questions
my hippie post (with a side of diet coke & new lipstick)

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Amanda said...

Yay, Ellie! That's awesome!

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