be still my heart

My two little loves - cuddling at story time before naps this afternoon.

While her big brother is distracted by a book, she prepares to go for a kiss...
finding her target...
and it's go time

(And she rolls her face in his hair - possibly because he really does have great hair.... or maybe she's jealous because she doesn't have much?  Or maybe she just likes the tickle of it.)

I kind of feel like she is telling me to leave them alone:

And in these moments, suddenly it didn't matter that I had been so overwhelmed with my to do list - dishes piling up again, laundry folded and ready to be put away (finally), toys to pick up, christmas decorations to put away, phone calls to doctors to return, appointments and flights to schedule, information to research, cast care supplies to assemble, 
none of it really mattered in this moment.
In this moment, I had everything I could possibly want - two precious babes to cuddle and read to...
and then the peace of 3 hour naps for both.

2 thoughts:

Christy said...

precious little ones katie!
hope that you are doing well.
sorry i never let you know that i didn't do the half - we ended up going to boston that weekend so we weren't able to do it. next year though!
next time you are in dallas for an extended stay let me know - i would love to get together again!
hope you are having fun with your two little cuties!

tory said...

Can these BABES possibly get any cuter??? Love these precious pictures...Ellie looks like she is really listening to her big bro!:o) Just your Montana girl stopping by and saying HI to such a awesome Mommy....you inspire me! Love your blog! God Bless you ALL....Love~Tory

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