2010 - moments in life

A few of our most significant moments of 2010:

So many moments of life - laughter and tears and being vulnerable with each other and learning about life and God and faith and crying and smiling and cuddling and bathing and feeding and growing and playing.  Our life is so good.  We are thankful for all of the moments of 2010  - the hard moments, the painful moments, the joyous moments.  God is weaving all of them together so perfectly as He writes our story.  
Thank you for reading our story and continuing to encourage us.

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tory said...

Hi Katie, I want to say I feel so blessed to have just read your entire blog and loved every minute of it...like a great read...I could not put it down. It took me 3 hrs from start to finish! I am not sure how I found this...but, I did and loved it. This is a very uplifting and moving "real life" story. Your write so beautifully and I love and admire your faith in our dear Lord. I think you should write a book...I really mean this. Your story is so touching with real feelings and emotions. You are simply amazing! Your family is so beautiful. Will and Elli are a inspiration to many...I will be following their progress and I am saying prayers for God to continue blessing them both and showing our world that even though people label a person "disabled"....they need to open their eyes in a BIG way and see who is really disabled!!!! It sure isn't Will and it sure isn't Ellie....they are amazing, beautiful children...a gift...who can share so much and offer so much! I am very sad to say as I read this that I had a girlfriend that had a abortion after finding out that her child was going to be born with Down Syndrome. It crushed me to know she was going to do this...I work with child with down syndrome...so, you can imagine my heart ached!!! They were convinced that the Dr's felt the baby would be born with heart issues....many I work with have heart issues....but, they are so wonderful beyond words...they touch my heart like nothing else. The heart issues are dealt with and children thrive and survive and have taught me so very much...along with their families and everyone else. God does not make mistakes...anyway, I am rambling on and on...but, I am touched and moved by everything I have read here. You are a very amazing woman...I admire your courage and faith in God to see you thru all this stress and unanswered questions. You really have a story to tell the world...start writing girl!!!! :o) I will be a faithful follower...could go on and on...would be great to sit and chat away with you...I am in the below minus temps and lots of snow mountains of MT!!! So happy I found you and will talk later! Keep the faith, Katie! God Bless You and your beautiful family! Love~Tory

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Trying to get back and visit blogs I love. I have missed blog reading during tree season
Happy New Year!

Leland said...

Katie, I truly believe God is using you to bless others with your blog. I certainly feel so blessed to have read it. Your two kids are absolutely precious and such a gift.
I believe someday you will be a speaker and/or writer who will have much to share on God's grace and love.
Hoping we will visit this year; I'd love to meet your sweet kids.
Donna Enochs

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