At the hospital doing pre-op.
Today's schedule includes:
see 2 surgical docs
see anesthesiologist
see inpatient nurse and pre-op nurse
see dietician
see Pt/Ot
see child life specialist
see pharamicist
loooong day ahead
giving Ellie her final bath for next 3 months tonight and they are giving us a pass to leave tonight for a few hours so we can have a family dinner with will away from hospital world, do baths, read stories, cuddle will, etc. I am thankful for that and looking forward to that sweet time.
Ellie is happily playing and squealing with her daddy now in a waiting room.
She has no idea.

3 thoughts:

Laura said...

So glad you get to come home tonight...I prayed that would be the case after talking to you this morning. I'm sorry you guys are having to go through this...we are praying for y'all!!! I love ya!!!

Dianne said...

Katie: You and God have gone through far too much to get her here to be part of your family to have anything happen now. These minor inconveniences (yeah, right) are stepping stones to have her become a better her. Picture God's arms around her as your faith will get you through this. Thoughts and prayers your way from Springfield, Missouri: Dianne.

~Stevie~ said...

Praying, friend. Love you.

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