Surgery for Ellie

We would appreciate your prayers for our daughter & our family this week.  Ellie will be admitted to Scottish Rite Hospital for Children at 10am today.  We will do pre-op & consults all day & her surgery will be tomorrow at 8:15am.  The surgery is on her right hip and she will spend 10-12 weeks post op in a body cast (spica.)

Please pray for a successful surgery & that she would tolerate anesthesia just fine.  (With Will, the waking up from anesthesia has always been horrible - screaming, in pain, inconsolable, and nauseated - I dread this with Ellie especially as she will not only likely have those symptoms but will be in a body cast.)
Please pray for her pain level and discomfort & us as we attempt to comfort our infant.
Please pray for our feeding - that I would be able to comfort her prior to surgery when I am unable to feed her & also that she would quickly go back to nursing post surgery (& that we would easily be able to manage feeds while she is in spica.)  Nursing her has been so important to me - a "normal"- & I am very fearful of losing this experience due to spica.  Also, she refuses to take a bottle so that increases my anxiety if we have difficulty managing the feeds.
Please pray that we would be quick learners & for our sense of overwhelm as we learn how to care for her in spica (it changes everything - car seats, traveling, carrying her, how she can lay and play, sleeping, diaper changes, clothing, feeding, etc.)
For Will  - that we would find time to focus on him as well
Thanks so much.  Our anxiety is great (but our God is greater) and we take comfort in knowing others are praying and lifting up our precious baby girl-

I will update as I can or twitter when I am able as to how surgery is going...
Thank you for lifting her up.

3 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

We will pray! Erika and I have an appt tomorrow afternoon.... maybe we'll stop by to see you.

Julia said...

I am praying. Praying SO HARD for you guys. Praying for sweet Ellie. Praying that she will come out of anesthesia calm and relaxed. Praying that you will be able to manage her pain. Praying that she will continue nursing. PRaying for it all. Praying.

Amanda said...

I'm praying and believing God to show His faithfulness during and after the surgery and fill you all with strength. He loves sweet Ellie!

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