Day o Love

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Ellie's first Valentines:
all dressed up in her holiday shirt, pink sunglasses, and tutu (thanks Kendra!)
and a hot pink spica to match
 Thank you Sarah & Damian for a wonderful Valentine's dinner - 
they volunteered to bring us dinner & wow!
They brought shrimp and appetizers, set the table with candles and chocolates and pink roses, served sparkling grape juice and yummy cheesy garlic bread and salad and asparagus and steaks and baked potatoes!
Will exclaimed, "Wow!  What a dinner party!  It's amazing!  It's so cool!"
While we sat amazed at how quickly our normally slow, barely eats enough to survive eater, was eating his steak, he quickly replied, "it's my favorite!"
Definitely a winner, Sarah & Damian!
Thank you for practically loving us & creating a special evening for our family when we don't have the energy or time to do so ourselves.

And earlier, Will asked his Lovie & I to marry him.
he even got down on one knee but for some reason I can't upload the video.  It was the highlight of the day.

In the car today, he told me that when he is a grown up & is a husband, he will show his wife love by:
"kissing her and hugging her and taking her to an island."
(Yes, please.)
Then, when I exclaimed that one of the ways Daddy shows me love is by working hard for our family every day, he told me he won't work when he is a grownup. 

3 thoughts:

gtown1 said...

How precious is that top picture! Priceless....ejw

Amanda said...

Ellie is rocking the hot pink spica cast with her tutu. Love it! That made my day.

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

such cute pics! And what a great idea your friends had!

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