Discharged & headed home

Ellie was discharged on last week & we headed home on Saturday.

exhausted girl

We had wonderful nurses while at Scottish Rite
can you just see how much Ellie adores this nurse?  Look at the  love look she is giving Susan - just too precious

Ellie & Brenda
Brenda has been Ellie's PT at the hospital since she was 6 days old.  Brenda is so good to our family & we loved her daily visits while we were in the hospital - especially on our snow day when we didn't have any outside visitors!
Thank you also to Christy & Erika for visiting us & bringing yummy oatmeal raisin cookies (R's very favorite!) & coffee... so thoughtful of you - thank you!

Thanks to Laura for coming over to the condo and bringing lunch & kids to play with my kids.  I am so grateful for your friendship (& the little escape you gave me!)
Ellie & Matthew in Ellie's first post op playdate:
And thanks to Sherry for the delicious meals you provided us - we are forever grateful to you & John for how you have loved & cared for our family during our time in Dallas.
Thanks especially to Cookie & Lovie who helped us with Will care & meals & errands & taking care of our every need while we were in Dallas & to Honey & G-Dad who cheered our room with flowers & provided Will care & a hot meal when we got home!

tired, relaxed girl (maybe it's the narcotics?) during her cast care routine the other day
(which took a total of 3 people & 2 hours, 13 minutes)
I'll post soon (maybe if I'm not wiped out completely) about how we do cast care & diaper care
 nap time with a tired Daddy  nearby
 Happy girl discharged from the hospital & her old smile coming back!
 Our flight went surprisingly smooth
they barely checked Ellie in her spica - just a quick pat down...
I, however, got the full blown security check.
The TSA agent kept saying she was massaging me as she checked me all over - that would qualify as the worst massage ever
Ellie did great and slept the entire flight on her mama 
(who enjoyed the cuddle time with her girl)
In her new special car seat built for babies in spica casts:

2 thoughts:

gtown1 said...

Love you friends--Bless your sweet hearts. Prayers and Love...wish I could be there to help and play.
Glad to see Ellie smiling. Hang in there friends...All our Love, ejw

Mike and Christie said...

I am so glad she is doing well! It was good to see you, even if the circumstances were surgery... and we LOVE Susan! She has been our nurse several times. What a blessing she is.

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