Halfway (kind of) home

Ellie was discharged today. We are staying in Dallas at the condo in the clouds until Satursay.
She is ok- managing pain well I think with drugs.
Changed the diaper method again today. Hoping this new method is the magic solution.
Sponged bathed her head- was wonderful
no Internet here so more in a few days

2 thoughts:

Erika Minich said...

Thanks for your blog address.Um How do I find the post....It is was great to see you at the hospital.

Erika Minich

tory said...

Thank you for all the updates on little angel "Ellie"...what a sweet baby girl...loved all her precious "singing" in her crib...Hey, she can carry a tune! Also, Will is amazing on his harmonica...and what rythem! You have some real performers in your family. Just wanted to say how delighted I am the surgery is over and Jesus saw your precious angel through~~~my heart ached for you as I read every precious word you wrote. What a strong, amazing woman you are! I can't even imagine how that must feel to hand your baby over to the Dr....having complete faith and trust in knowing this is what must be!!! You need to write a book...you have a beautiful story to tell. I think I will give "OPRAH" your blog somehow! LOL....I am serious...your love story between you and your children is such a uplifting, beautiful story of faith and love! Prayers from Montana...love keeping up on you and your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and most privite thoughts...it gives people hope and makes us all appreciate the little things we take for granted in life! God Bless you ALL! Love and constant Prayers~Tory

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