Ellie's 3rd Surgery

We are in Dallas for Ellie's cast change & a minor surgical procedure.  She will be admitted at 6:30am on Tuesday, 3/22.  Please pray for no complications with anesthesia, for a miracle in that her cast will somehow be cleaner than I fear, and a smooth, successful surgery.
She will get a new, fresh, clean cast on!  I can hardly wait for her to be in a clean cast.
I only wish I could bathe her in between casts.  I plan on taking a little wash cloth, her shampoo, and some diaper rash ointment (I can see a diaper rash when I peer down the cast with my handy flashlight but I can't reach it very well - even with a q-tip, to put cream on. :(  )  I am going to hand the nurse my little bag of bath care and beg, beg, beg for her to at least wipe Ellie's skin down while she is under anesthesia.  I so badly wish I could clean her.  I hate hate hate seeing poop stains with my flashlight (& some stains that have come thru the cast) (darn diarrhea) and not being able to clean it throughly.  I have tried everything I can think of yet it seems that somehow, that diarrhea manages to mock me and get through all my systems and stain the cast.  I hate not being able to totally clean my baby.  I will be begging the nurse to do so Tuesday morning.
Hopefully, it will be no more than 1 1/2 hours that she is under (maybe even less???) & then we will be discharged I think after she fully wakes up.
Thanks for always praying for our Ellie girl!
I'll update via Twitter on my sidebar.

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