7 months!

 Last week, Ellie turned 7 months old!

She brings us so much joy.
She is full of life.
She laughs a lot - especially when one kisses her neck, tickles her upper chest (just above the cast) or does squats (maybe I'll get some good leg muscles?)
She has added more consonants to her babbling & I love hearing her "talk"
She desperately wants to sit up & has amazing upper chest muscles as, despite the spica, tries to pull up her head
She adores her big brother.
She weighs 16.2 pounds (in her spica.)  
Her head remains in the 50% percentile.
She is an amazingly good sleeper despite being restrained in a body cast (& despite me waking her during the night for cast care.)
She takes 2 naps a day... and sometimes takes a brief evening nap if I lay her down to "play."
She wants to be held upright - and I hold her a lot.  We don't have anything to really sit her in upright so therefore we hold her.  Thankfully, at the dinner table, we have worked out a good system in which I hold her straddling my left leg and I can still manage to eat (& she feels like part of the family instead of being confined to laying flat on her back on the floor.)
She squeals loudly - especially in her bed before falling asleep.
She amazes us with her sweet disposition.  I don't think I would be so happy while trapped in a body cast.  
She wakes up just as happy as can be.
She loves to snuggle.
She enjoys rocking and swinging outside.
She sings  - loudly.
She brings us so much joy and we are so thankful for her and for 7 months.
7 months was once predicted to be her lifespan.
She is now 7 months, 1 week old.  
Precious, precious girl.  We are so thankful.

4 thoughts:

Kelly said...

Wow, I can't believe Ellie is already 7 months old. She is a cutie pie, and I am glad that she has a sweet disposition despite the cast! She is precious!

lisa w. said...

Cutest 7 month old EVER!

Mike and Christie said...

She is so adorable! I just love her laugh.... I Imagine I can hear it! The pictures give a good indication that she is a full giggler! LOL

Amanda said...

She is such a treasure!

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