This weekend...

we played outside every chance we got
I tried to get photos of each of my sweet kiddos...
this one kept running

It takes my breath away to watch him run.
I do not take it for granted.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the privilege of watching my son run.
I see a miracle before my eyes every time he takes a step.
Born missing his feet...
and he runs!
I am thankful.
(even though he wouldn't stop long enough for a picture. :))
(I am also thankful for those curls.)
And I am thankful for this precious miracle - 
that despite being trapped in a body cast, she is so happy!
Honey & G-Dad came for a quick visit & to deliver our other car.
Thanks for trekking across TX!
We tried to get a picture by the pretty dogwood...
but had a hard time getting both kids to cooperate perfectly! :)
Will's "silly" pose
Ellie adores her "baby" glowbaby
This keeps her occupied during cast care

Will dressed up as a soccer player/pirate/cowboy.

He had 2 early morning soccer games

R drank lots of coffee 
Will played hard & requested that we call him, from now on, "Will the playa."
Beau played hard too...
until he got distracted by baby Ellie

She loved all the attention
Will enjoyed a donut hole for snack time at the game
Aren't they so cute?!?
Will as goalie against the Dragons...
which was a tough position because the Dragons knew how to score.
A lot.
I don't think they bothered with a goalie in our goal.  It wasn't really necessary. :)

Ellie stayed awake for the first game...
and then took a sweet nap on her Lovie for game 2

Will flew a kite at the lake - all by himself!
 and had fun playing dinos with his Cookie

It was a good weekend!
(And in just 36 hours, Ellie will get a cast change!!!  Yay for a fresh new cast & halfway through spica season!)

Also - yay that I am not boarding an airplane with my kids tomorrow to head to Dallas (since we recently moved closer) - it has been so nice to not feel stressed about packing & timing flights, etc!

2 thoughts:

kelly said...

oh my dear goodness! those children are so precious, i can barely stand it!!!
reading this post reminds me of all of the miracles i experience everyday with my kids - if only i'll open my eyes (like you!) & see them. thanks, k :)

Jo Anna said...

I gave that same glow worm to my youngest nephew, and I just saw it the other day! Such sweet kids!

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