At the lake

We headed to the lake a few days ago for dinner with my parents.
It was Ellie's first trip (out of the belly, that is) to the lake!
She loved it!

Some friends stopped by with their boat & took Will for a little spin.
Ruby, our dog, loved being out there and went for a cold swim.
She had to get a bath the next day.

Daddy's girl
I couldn't grab my zoom lens fast enough but I just loved how Will & Ruby (our dog) ran around playing together & then Will put his arm around her & cuddled with her for awhile.
Just precious
The last several days we've had lots of opportunities to play together as a family outside - something we've needed to do for awhile.  It's just been lovely.

3 thoughts:

Lisa Johnson said...

Love to see you guys out doing FUN things as a family. It's a wonderful feeling after all we've been through, isn't it? We are headed to the lake for the weekend right now. I'm not taking it for granted, I'm thankful that we are doing something "normal." :)

Jo said...

I love kids and dogs at the lake stories and pictures! I was out at my parents' lake house a few days ago with my nephews, and we had a blast!

K. Willeby said...

I just love Ellie's grinning face. And I guess when I look at her - I shouldn't be so down about my cast up to my knee! I'll take lessons from Ellie. But let the precious babe know that I will be in my cast with her for the next eight weeks -- solidarity! Glad yall are well!

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