Family Trip to the Zoo

Our new town has a great zoo.  We went as a family a few days ago on a beautiful spring day.  It was R's first time to the zoo with his kids!
We became official members and had a blast.
My favorite part of the day?
At lunch in "Africa" when Will said, "Daddy, I'm so glad you're here beside me."
It was a really good day for our little fam.

Checking out something
Will was so brave this time in the parakeet feeding center.  He confidently paid for his feed stick and stuck it right out there to begin feeding birds.  We were so proud of him when he managed to get one on his stick!

Ellie did awesome and slept for almost the entire zoo.
She doesn't fit in a stroller while in her spica cast so I end up wearing her a lot.  I am loving my Ergo baby carrier & my Moby.  
I wore the Ergo at the zoo & she took a very peaceful nap.
I was also so thankful for the weather as it was cool enough to not overheat her in the cast.
You can barely see it in this pic but Will would put his hand up to the glass in the penguin exhibit & the penguin would come right to his hand!  It was so cool!
Checking out Africa with Daddy

5 thoughts:

Erika Minich said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. If you go to my blog and go to the labels and look at the zoo trip, you can see our slide show that I made.

Erika minich

Crystal said...

It makes my heart happy to see you all as a whole family doing things!!Enjoy and hope your adjusting well!
Kisses to your wonderful babies!

Miles said...

It IS a fun zoo! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it as much as we do. :)


Carman said...

I have to say, after living in that area for 6 years, that zoo was a favorite haunt of ours. I'm so glad that Will and Ellie will be able to enjoy it! I have many pictures of my oldest feeding the birds. Now that we are back in West Texas, I don't know what I will do for our zoo adventures!

Carman said...

We loved that zoo during our 6 years in your new neck of the woods. I have so many pictures of our oldest feeding the birds! It makes me sad that our baby won't have the same experience now that we are back in West Texas.

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