The Fireballs!

Will had his very first soccer game(s) yesterday morning!  The Fireballs (they're green - for unexplained reasons) had 2 back to back games... bright & early at 8am!  We are not morning people around here - my children often sleep until 9 or 9:30am.  But, I set an alarm clock... and then set off the fire alarm cooking breakfast.  I'm sure our neighbors appreciated that on a Saturday morning.  Whoops!  Sorry Dado & Omi!

Will was SO EXCITED!
& so stinking cute.
And so funny!
We laughed & laughed on the sidelines.
Though we had purchased green and white cleats (he picked them out before we even knew his team would be green - he calls them "pumbas" - they're actually pumas) & shin guards so he could be like everyone else...
he insisted he didn't need the shin guards.
"Mommy, I don't need shin guards.  I have zancos (prosthetics.)  Just try and kick me and see if it hurts.  See, Mommy?  Everyone is going to want prosthetics.")
Love that confidence!  And love how the word prosthetic sounds so grown up coming out of his mouth! Cracks me up.
We all wore green to show support for the Fireballs because I'm into themes like that.
Ellie cheered for awhile before crashing for an early morning nap.  She's such a good sport.
One of many water breaks
Playing on the sidelines with his friend Beau.
It's amazing how different our experience yesterday was from practice on Wednesday.  Wednesday, we knew no one and Will had to deal with lots of comments/stares.  Yesterday, his friend Beau was back from his family trip & with Beau by his side, the other kids didn't really seem to notice Will's differences.  I think they saw him as just another happy, crazy little  boy on the team.
(Or maybe we were all so distracted by watching him & Beau play that we didn't notice other kids.)

Will & Beau on the sidelines - 
not paying attention at all to the game.
Will & Beau ready to play...
not sure why in the world they are squatting
Go Fireballs!
Go Will Go!!!!!
Will & Beau share the same love language - touch.
They were too cute hugging each other all over that soccer field!

just precious
I'm sure they'll appreciate these pictures when they are 16.
Oh goodness.  
I need to take a moment to collect my weeping self at the thought of my boy being 16.
(Last night while cuddling Will before bed, he reassured me, "Mommy, I have to grow up.  But I really promise you I will always cuddle you even when I'm a grown up and am your daddy."  I then told him he wouldn't be my daddy but he would have his own kids with his wife.  To which he responded, "You'll be my wife."  I tried to argue but it was to no use.  So I said, "Sure."  He'll also appreciate that someday I'm sure.)
Ellie crashed for an early morning nap
Oh those curls.  I do love them so.
Beau confiscated the cones & turned them into arm cuffs like Batman.
Go WILL!!!!
After escaping from the field (with Beau), Daddy had to get him back in the game
playing defense as goalie
a little tickling was needed to help him get some energy
the huddle - so cute
high fives with the opponents 
(this little team was so cute - I counted 3 parents on the field holding hands of their little players... one kid threw a tantrum and his dad literally picked him up & swung him mid fit to kick the ball.  Hilarious!)
post game celebrating with Daddy!
and we were off to breakfast on the front porch with Beau & his family
a great way to start a Saturday
I think I am going to LOVE being a soccer mom!

4 thoughts:

Erika Minich said...

Looks Like you had lots of fun. Oh and we are getting a knew sister. Her name is Alli.

Erika minich

Sharon C said...

It will be a highlight in your life, I guarantee! Watching them grow and build their confidence and so, so funny! What a blessing!

gtown1 said...

Still in awe of God's work in your family and amazed still ...Will has come so far...he's playing soccer...just amazing to see him run around. So happy for ya'll.
We are going to enroll Walker in soccer this fall at our new location--but I think they have to be 4. I prayed for ya'll to have a great experience that morning....and then we went to watch our friends coach their daughters--they are the Firecrackers :) I think I too will love being a soccer mom along with you :)
love you friend-ejw

Mike and Christie said...

Wow, a LOT to catch up on! I LOVE that last picture of Daddy and his boy! :)
It is just precious.
We are home!

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