TSRHC party

The night before Ellie's cast change last week happened to be the night of the annual Dallas White Rock Marathon Check Presentation cocktail party at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.
As a former patient champion, Will is invited every year but we haven't been able to go since 2008 as it hadn't worked out with our appointment schedule.  It was fun to be able to make it this year since not only do we live closer but Ellie had an early am appointment the following day.
There weren't too many kids this year (there were about 3 under age 10 - & 2 of those are mine...) but I was so glad we could go.  The race raised over $500,000 for the hospital!  We are so proud and thankful for all of you who have generously given in honor of our kids.
Thank you!!!

Will posing with several of the board members, another patient champion & his family, & the chairman of the board of the hospital - Senator Olsen.  (Former US Senator & ambassador to Sweden)
(as a sidenote, I know my days of dressing Will in monogrammed jon jons are numbered... and that makes me so sad.)

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