a fun filled weekend

Recently around here...

Lovie caught Will a cool tree frog

Ellie dozed while I showered
(since she can't roll in that cast, it is safe to put her on the pillow)
We spent a Friday evening eating at the new grocery store (they have a restaurant & it was crowded & yummy) while listening to a great band

(Is it just me or is Ellie's cast glowing?)
Ellie loved dancing to the live music
as did Will
Will ran the kids 50 yard dash at the Azalea Race
It was a blast!

(Thanks, Nicole, for telling us about it!)
(And it takes my breath away every time... I am probably the only mom who cries when she watches her kid run a little race.
He is RUNNING!  I'm so proud & so thankful & so humbled to watch the miracle that is my son.  God is so good.)
Headed for the finish line
Proudly showing off his medal
While Daddy ran the 10K, Will & I did the 2 mile fun run together.  It was a blast to spend the morning exercising with my boy! (Although, I admit, that having lived in West TX for nearly 5 years, we weren't used to the humidity & the hills- my legs are hurting which is embarrassing considering it was 2 miles & it wasn't so long ago that I ran a MARATHON.)  
I grew up doing this race every weekend & enjoyed doing it with my family now.
Will ran in bursts.  He would ride a few blocks in the stroller & then be ready to run again beside me.
My favorite moment was when he ran through the finish line with me while holding my hand.
Precious precious boy.
Please don't grow up.  Please always hold my hand across finish lines.  Please allow me to always be there beside you.  Please marry a woman who is fine with me living next door and possibly taking lots of pictures of you and admiring your curls and also kissing you & smelling your nap breath.  (Or maybe when you are a grown up your nap breath might not smell so nice & actually I don't think I want to try smelling it after, say, age 12...)
Maybe just don't grow up too much anytime soon. 

at the finish line with our fam (minus Elie who was home a few blocks away cheering runners at the water station in front of my parents' house...)

And then.

Then, Will had his very first lemonade & Cookie's Cookies stand.
I grew up, on this very street, having lemonade stands with my little brother on this same weekend every year (Azalea time brings lots of tourists & prospective lemonade buyers.)
My dad, Will's Cookie, makes some pretty famous chocolate chip cookies so those were a big hit!
(Cookie's Cookies have even been enjoyed by former President George W. Bush!)

Will was so cute waving at prospective buyers... too many just slowed down, waved, smiled, & then drove off!  Ever since our honeymoon when we were headed to the airport & saw some kids selling lemonade (Fergusons- we realized the other day it was your cute girls!), we made a rule for our family... we would always stop for lemonade sales!

A portion of the proceeds will go to Scottish Rite when we go for our appointments this week.  He actually made quite a lot of cash!

Will & Daddy looking for customers & hanging out together:

Waving  & serving a customer (Mimi)
Lots of neighbors stopped by
Mrs. Hanna was his first customer - & she got a big kiss!

and even some local sanitation guys!
They also did a demo on their truck for Will - 
every little boy's dream!

Will was pretty funny running his little stand.  He insisted that he serve his customers - he didn't want them picking out their own cookies.  He also tried to take a little bite off of one lady's cookie.  
When he first opened for business, he was rather insistent that people pay before receiving their lemonade.  We had to remind him  that "the customer comes first" & also that he was only accepting donations! :)
It's a learning process!
Fun times.  Having grown up doing lemonade stands on this very street on this very weekend, it was kind of surreal to watch my son doing it now.  I'm seeing lots of lemonade in our future!  A fun way to spend a Saturday morning post race.

By Saturday evening, Ellie was wiped out.  She was so hot and cranky in her new hot cast that I laid her on the table to do some hair drying down her cast with her diapers and poise pads off to allow for a little bit of air circulation.  She became quite relaxed and actually fell asleep!

A friend loaned us her bug a boo & it actually fits Ellie in a spica cast!  Granted, it's not a real comfortable fit for a long ride but for a little stroll & with some pillows for support, it works!
We had a lovely family walk Saturday night...
We enjoyed looking at the azaleas & dogwoods & tulips blooming.
And Will practiced his bike riding skills.

He is having a hard time learning how to ride the balance bike.  I think the problem is that he can't figure out how to get a good grip on it.  He wants to ride so badly... and is becoming frustrated with himself.  We went together last week to a local bike store to see if the pros had any creative ideas on how to modify the bike and make it work.
They didn't.
I made an appointment at Scottish Rite for later this week when we are there to see doctors.  There is a recreational department there who works with kids to create modified equipment so that they can participate in various activities.  (What a cool, creative job is that?!)  Hopefully, they will have some great ideas and be able to get Will riding that bike! 

3 thoughts:

Miles said...

These pictures are so cute! I saw Ellie girl and your family on the course. I was going to stop and introduce myself, but I couldn't take anymore breaks and have a respectable time, lol. :) I'm sad the boys didn't get to meet Will, but soon!


kelly said...

so beautiful! thank goodness for azaleas in houston to remind me of home :)
ps: hudson insists on calling them "gayle-ias", which makes me laugh
pps: YAY SUPER WILL! love the story of the lemonade stand - too cutie! heehee!

Jennifer said...

hey katie,
i'm assuming ya'll are in tyler now? my husband and girls live in lindale. i would love to have a playdate some time. i know you're busy with appts, etc.., but when you have some free time, just let us know. your kiddos are precious. btw..my mom and i are taking the girls to the azalea trails this saturday morning. will should have his lemonade stand again...my girls would love it:) lol

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