bad days better

Recently, I was kind of having a down day.  It wasn't really a bad day.  I wasn't really in a bad mood - just sad.  I just was down about Ellie in a spica challenge & watching Will struggle with feeling left out among other kids because we haven't figured out the bike situation or the rope swing situation yet & trying to find my role in this new sort of place with him...
just down about it all - about the fact that nothing seems simple for us.
Our normal is so far from normal sometimes.

And then, my dad brought home a package from his office that had been sent for Will & Ellie from Kelly.
She is so talented &  had made Captain Will & his first mate pirate tees!
We LOVE them!  This made me smile (although Will was the most excited!)
Thank you Kelly!

And then a long time family friend (who grew up across the street from my dad in MO,) came for dinner & surprised me with something for me!  
A new nightie & robe - ahhhh... how comforting!  (& I spend lots of waking hours in a robe throughout the night with sweet E!) Thank you, Nancy!
And, still on that same no longer so down day?
New tape for Ellie!
A blog reader who I hope to meet someday & become real life friends with, Haley,
sent fun new duck tape!
Did you ever imagine duck tape could come in such fun designs?!?!  I may never use regular tape again!

I couldn't decide which to use first as I did her taping that night...
so I used all three designs!
Doesn't she just look so springy?  And girly?  And fun?
She's making all the other spica babies jealous, I think. :)
And then I monogrammed her.
Because every Southern girl needs a monogram.
Ellie's is just semi-permanent right now.
Thank you, Haley!
I wish you all could have heard the oohs & ahhhs in the hospital last week as I proudly pulled up Ellie's dress to show off her new tape!
I mean, seriously, there could be a lucrative business in the works for people willing to take spica casts & decorate them & make them oh so feminine & actually pretty!
(Did I really just say that a Spica can be pretty?!??!  Yes.  Yes, I did.)
Loving playing with the new tape!  It makes me smile every single time I do her cast care.
And I just love showing off how pretty her spica is right now!

Sometimes I just marvel at God's timing.  I was having a down day & 3 surprises in one night?!?!  It's like he knew I was just kind of struggling & sad & somehow managed to find 3 ways to perk me up & make me smile... & I can't help but think He prompted three people - one a total stranger even - to go to the effort & expense to use their creativity to bless me.... just because... & I think that makes Him happy too.

2 thoughts:

kelly said...

awwwww!!! yes, god is so amazing. how beautiful that he worked out 3 special gifts on your particularly hard day. wow.
& that tape is RAD!
LOVE the pic of those pirate punkies!!! makes me smile. anytime i see anything pirate related, i can't help but think of y'all :)

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome, Katie! I'm glad it brightened your day and I think that sweet Ellie looks precious with all that colorful tape (not that she needs tape to look precious!!) I, too, look forward to meeting you someday. Have a wonderful week.


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