fun in Dallas

After our long day of doctors' appointments in Dallas last week, & after short naps, we took my kids to one of my very favorite restaurants of my childhood - the Magic Time Machine.
I can actually remember our waiters from my childhood & some of the rooms we ate in (Rambo - the locker room & Snow White) 
As Will is very into dress up and pretend play right now, we knew he would be mesmerized.
He was.
He was served a magic potion drink.  I still don't know how they made it smoke or bubble.
very cool
Our waiter was Esmerelda.  She was a gypsy.  I don't have any pictures of her because Will has no idea what a gypsy is (thankfully.)  
(Random side story - the summer I was in Spain studying, (& met R there), a friend & I pretended one night to be gypsies & played some drums at a plaza (in a town with a big population of gypsies) in an effort to make some cash for our musical efforts.  
I think we made $1.  Maybe.  It was pathetic.  We had no talent.  We also probably didn't make very convincing gypsies - what with all our Americanessn (I just made that word up & spell check doesn't like it) & the fact that Texans aren't often mistaken for gypsies.
And also, I should mention that there was no alcohol involved.  We were just really big dorks.
Now that I've embarrassed myself...

No pics of Esmerelda.  
But, Will was completely fascinated by Woody so we did get a picture with him...

which made sense since the reason we stayed overnight in Dallas after our appointments was because his Lovie surprised him with tickets to Toy Story on Ice.
At Magic Time Machine, if you are celebrating anything at all, you get balloons & a song...
the table beside us was celebrating an end to a long day.
We celebrated surviving 4 hospital specialist appointments in one day!!!
Definitely worth celebrating!
So Will had to wear a balloon around his neck.
Will also requested a picture with "Alice"

Ellie, my precious, easy going baby.  She was so content to lay on the booth beside me and babble.
Later that evening, we had a quick visit with my grandparents (Will & Ellie's Greats)

Great Grandma & Ellie:
Great Grandpa had fun playing Batman with Will

Great Grandpa with Ellie
(love the sweet love looks she is giving him)

2 thoughts:

Caroline Cobb Smith said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that you pretended to be gypsies. I've always secretly wanted to pretend to be a street performer. Let's DO it!!! Where can you do that here?!

Mike and Christie said...

You pretended to by Gypsies!!!! ROFL

When our son was in Israel one summer, he pretended he had an invisible friend and wouldn't let anybody sit on the bench waiting for the bus..... His friend was there. Apparently he was tolerated. :)

I love how flexible little Ellie is. :) She is such a sweet baby.

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