Eat Your Peas!

I did it.
I said I wouldn't.
And then I did.

I had no intention of feeding this babe anything but my milk until she was out of the spica cast.  Since nutritionally, she doesn't need anything but my milk I knew it wouldn't hurt her to wait til 9 months.  Plus, I wasn't willing to risk a reaction that would cause problems with the spica.  Also, her cast care is rather time consuming - I had no intention of adding to that with having to feed her additional food that is unnecessary.
But she charmed me into it.
Actually, since she doesn't fit into a high chair while in spica, she spends meal times straddling my leg usually.  I've noticed in the last 2-3 weeks that she has been so interested in what we are eating - she tracks every single bite, she reaches for the fork, and she became socially very interested in eating.
I still had no intention of adding this to our routine.
But, I have known all along that I would make her baby food while living with my parents so that when she is out of spica & when we are in our home (we move the week after she comes out of the cast) I can be ready to start her on foods.  I knew that with unpacking I wouldn't have time to make the foods and it was important to me to homemake her baby food.
So, I got busy this week.  
(Pictures coming soon.)
And one day, since I had some fresh peas I had made on hand, I decided to see what would happen on a whim.
Apparently, she loved it.
Not even a grimace.
In fact, when she sees that spoon she gets excited and begins to grunt at me.
Which confirms to me that maybe she really was ready.  
And also has made me kind of weepy as it makes her seem more independent- 
like she is growing up a little too fast suddenly.
Spica has kind of made life seem like it is on pause for three months.
I'm ready to bust her out of that cast but not ready for her to grow up so fast!

I still refuse to make it part of the routine yet.  I'm stubborn, I guess.
But, when I do think to give her peas - she loves them!
(And she loved the lick I gave her this morning on another whim of my banana.)
I guess I've got an eater on my hands.

5 thoughts:

Kelly said...

so sweet that peas made Ellie and her momma so happy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I almost burst into tears when I saw that picture. there is something very special in those eyes. I'm not "just saying" that either. That smile says it all also. She is going to be just fine momma...(although I know it's notan easy road)

shae said...

Precious picture...those eyes are too die for!

shae said...

Precious picture, those eyes are to die for!

Anonymous said...

Not to be a copy-cat.....but, "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!" Ellie's eyes are just gorgeous! I could just eat her up, peas all over her little face, and all! She's certainly a lovely little girl! And Will is just as beautiful! You are really blessed, Mama, and you must be doing a fantastic job with them, balancing their challenges with the brighter side of life, as there are so many opportunities to catch them with a happy face on. Keep up the great work!
** Terri-Anne **

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