My Superheroes!

This superhero of mine
He captures hearts & holds them ransom
He brings a smile to all he  meets

He knows no bounds

He protects us from giant green snakes lurking in the yard
He rescues pretend animals stuck high in the trees
and he's faster than his mama
And he fortifies himself with chocolate from a chocolate covered strawberry

This is his baby sister.
She's a superhero too.

He calls her "Spica Girl."
She wears her cape on her tummy
Her secret weapon:  her spica suit of armor.
Her other secret weapon:  
this smile
(& that tongue always out)
Her mission:
to spread world peas 

warm spring afternoons spent playing superheroes  with my heroes...
life is good

3 thoughts:

Kristin said...

Ian is 14 month old. He has an amazing tounge as well. It's always out of his mouth.

Miles said...

That.Is.Precious. Thank the Lord for superheroes.

kelly said...

oh my word, the preciousness is unbelieveable! ha! if you have time (haha!), would you post about how you make the baby food? do you have a special baby food maker? i've tried making it in our food processor, but holland hates any kind of chunks & i'm wondering if i need to get a special machine...

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