A Music Giveaway!

It's time for a fun giveaway!!!

Within a few days of our big move across Texas, we were invited to dinner with several other young families.   We felt so welcomed to our new city and really enjoyed getting to know other families.

That night, I learned that one of the other women at the table, Caroline, is a musician.  She has recorded 2 cds!  She is even on itunes!  (Search for Caroline Cobb.)  

Naturally, I went home and found her on itunes... and then I absolutely loved her music!

I checked out her website & blog (www.carolinecobb.com) that weekend and continued to listen to her music.  

Caroline writes all her own songs.  Her current project is to write a song for every book of the Bible by 11/11/11.  She also plays the guitar and sings.  She is very talented.

Her music is clearly scripture inspired and God glorifying.  I love that as I listen to her music, I am hearing scripture.  

Will likes it too - he says he is listening to "Mrs. Smith" which sounds funny to me when he is talking about someone on itunes - I guess I don't usually think of my singers by the appropriate name for my child to call them.

  We've continued to get to know Caroline & her husband Nick & their daughter, Eleanor (also called "Ellie!") over diners on the patio.   
These pictures are horrible quality.  I took them with my phone at night.  I promise Caroline's music is one million times better in quality than my photography skills.

Here she is playing dress up with Will's hats one evening - she would be the "Buzz Lightyear."  Our friend, Carolyn, is a pirate while Will is a cowboy.
 Will & Caroline's Ellie
 Ellie "Squared"
Ellie S kissing Ellie B
After hearing her live with some friends at one of her local shows, I knew I wanted to share her music with you!

We are giving away 2 of Caroline Cobb Smith's cds!  One each of her recordings (Sing & Far Beyond Me!) for 2 people!
You will love her music!

Two ways to win:
1.  Leave a comment below under the "thoughts" tag.  Leave your first name & your favorite food to eat out with friends.
(We met Caroline & Nick over Mexican food.)

2.  Go to itunes & listen to Caroline's music.  (Search "Caroline Cobb.") Or listen on her website.  Sample a few songs & then leave a comment with your first name & your favorite song.

(So, you can leave up to 2 comments which will increase your chances of winning.)

Winners will be chosen randomly.  There are two cds to give away & there will be two winners chosen.

(I should call this the Big 2 Giveaway!)

Her music is beautifully written & sung - I know you will be encouraged & blessed by listening.

Giveaway open until I remember to come up for air from moving into a house at last.

***This is not a paid endorsement.  I am not being compensated in any way.  I bought some of Caroline's music (okay, a lot of Caroline's music) on itunes all by myself without any pressure to do so - because I really liked it.  You will too.  I'm not being paid or anything.  I just like her music & want to share it with you.  Because I appreciate you reading & encouraging me.  Thanks! I'm outta here - more boxes to open!


17 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Christie, and my favorite food to eat out is Mexican! :)

Rachel said...

So glad you guys are quickly making friends! I can't wait to go listen to some of her music!

Rachel - definitely Mexican food! :)

~Stevie~ said...

This is fun! And I agree with Rachel-it's exciting you are making new friends so quickly, but not surprising...you guys ROCK (this is not me trying to win either...just truth!) :)

~Stevie (Mexican-duh!)

Heartsong said...

Cheryl- Italian!

Heartsong said...

Cheryl- Italian!

ThePoeFam said...

Brittney...and my fave food is Mexican...or maybe Italian! A toss up! :)

ThePoeFam said...

And, I loved "Taste and See!!"

Sarah said...

We sure miss you guys! Sounds like things are going well...LOVE Mexican!
Sarah :)

Sarah said...

We sure miss you guys! Sounds like you are doing well! LOVE Mexican!

Sarah said...

Katie, I think my favorite is
"Let Me Be"!

Jennifer said...

Jennifer-my favorite food is Mexican!!

Jennifer said...

Jennifer-favorite song is "far beyond me"

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

Hey, I am Christi and I love to eat Mexican at El Fenix. Also, I am a friend of Laura K in Dallas and that is how I found your blog.

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

Christy - I liked Taste and See

Heartsong said...

All the Stars- Cheryl

Heartsong said...

All the stars - Cheryl

erinlo said...

Oh, I love this. I have recently become a huge Caroline Cobb Smith fan, as well! My favorite song, right now, is Woman on the Roof. But, coming in a very close second is Blue Sky Sunday.

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