Some recent Willisms:

"Dear God, bless my heart.  Thank you for me and for Ellie and for Mommy & Daddy.  And, God, why do we have to die?  Amen."
(what a way to start out a family dinner conversation!)

"Daddy!  Let's kiss!"

"Mommy, when I grow up you can be my wife."
Me:  "What about Daddy?  I'm his wife already."
Will:  "Daddy can be our kid."

In the car recently, "Mommy and Daddy?  I don't want to die because I don't know what it feels like."  This led to a discussion about believing in Jesus and going to live in heaven and we each shared something we hope to do/have in heaven... our answers:
R- "fly"  me- "naps & massages"  Will- "toys and fly"
Will misunderstood me & proceeded to announce to everyone, "When we die it will be so fun in heaven.  Daddy and I will fly and Mommy will have naps & sausages."  Ummm, no thank you. 
We told him that we get to go first, please.

Why he is good for my self-esteem:
"Mommy, you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen.  Cookie and Daddy are pretty too."
Me:  "Boys are handsome and girls are pretty."
Will:  "No, Mommy, not all girls are pretty."

(Which is why the clarification between pretty & handsome was so important to him the next day:)

While visiting a friend in assisted living, he was told by an elderly woman, "You're such a pretty boy."  To which he politely responded, "Actually, I'm a very handsome boy."

"Mommy, you are so pretty.  I like that dress.  You're a princess and I will be your knight."  (And for the rest of that evening, he called me, "Wife!")  too cute (& I may wear that dress all the time now just to be complimented!)

I love that he wants to marry me... and dread the day he changes his mind!  He recently said one evening at dinner, "We can get married here - you, me, & Lovie, & the wedding will be at this house!"

"It's okay, Mommy, that I'm growing up.  God wants me to grow up."

At church recently, the children were asked who Jesus was.  Will yelled out, "God!"

"My friend, Mimi, is my best friend."  (Mimi is his great grandmother.)

"I don't like salad dressing.  Only God and Jesus and girls like salad dressing."

A local radio station is doing a mission trip to Guatemala (where I spent time in college & fell in love with Latin America) & Will used some of his lemonade stand money to buy matching underwear for him and kids in Guatemala that don't have any.  (When I told him some kids don't have enough money for underwear, he couldn't believe some people might not wear underwear & yelled, "GROSS!")  We delivered it to the radio station yesterday and here is what his letter said (he dictated to me,) " "Dear kids in Guatemala,   This is called Spiderman and Batman underwear.  I love you, kids, even though I don't know your names.  God is good!  Jesus loves you.  I hope you like your new underwear.  Love, Will."

2 thoughts:

TheHighHeeledHostess said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year. I enjoy it so much! Your family is so precious!

Mama Bear said...

Precious! The note to the kids it Guatemala was "tell your grandkids" cute. Blessings!

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