Resurrection Walk

For Palm Sunday, we visited my parents' church (they were actually out of town for the weekend & not even there) in order to participate in the family event:
The Resurrection Walk

This was a wonderful, hands on learning experience for Will & we loved getting to do it with him.
Basically, families walked in a gym to ten different stations representative of events from Jesus' final week before His death & resurrection.  At each station, the children listened to a portion of scripture describing that event and answered some questions.  Then, they received a small token to put in their bags to remember that station.
It was a great way to teach children about Holy Week.

At the first station, Will learned about the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a sign of coming in peace.  The children received a soft piece of gray fur.

At station two, we learned about Judas betraying Jesus for only 30 pieces of silver.

Ellie's piece of silver kept her busy for awhile.

Will enjoyed being the "line leader" & leading us on the path to each station

He received a small crown of thorns, a flower, and a wooden cross at the next several stations.

Ellie used her cross as a teething toy.

His favorite object was a smooth, round stone, symbolic of the stone that rolled away from Jesus' tomb.
After the walk, we went to "big church" where Will participated with other children in carrying a palm branch to the front of the church.
So cute!
Will & his friend Claire waving their branches

It was a great way to begin observing Holy Week.
Soon, we will do a small family Passover meal.  
On Good Friday, we will really have a GOOD Friday as Ellie gets her cast off & Will (hopefully) starts new prosthetics.

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Jo Anna said...

my word, this is so awesome! and Will and Ellie are so lovely in their outfits and with their smiles! such a beautiful time and a beautiful family. congratulations on getting the spica removed!

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