A Tooth!

 She has been teething since December!
Her brother got his first tooth at 4 months old.  
She turned 8 months old this week and was still toothless.
Until today.
Ellie's first tooth broke through during the night.
(Which explains why I only got 4 hours of sleep.  She wasn't crying or fussy... just wide awake & singing in her crib for hours!)
Her second tooth looks like it will come through any second.
Will had fun feeling the tooth this morning & showing it off later to others.
She has been feeling it herself all day long:
And me?
Well, I'm relieved it finally came through.  I'm glad I have some baby sized codeine leftover from her surgery because, bless her heart, she is in a body cast & cutting teeth at the same time?!?!
But, I've been really weepy today.
Maybe it's the bad night of sleep last night (& three months of sleepless nights while she is in a spica & I have to do cast care during the night...)
I'm just so sad that she is no longer my gummy smiling baby.
She'll never be toothless again and that makes me so very sad today.

2 thoughts:

Kristin said...

yeah for the tooth!

Ian is my last. He is so much my last that I called him Omega when I was pregnant.

And any milestone he meets is wonderful and oh so sad all at the same time.

Have you ever read "Let me Hold you Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It's a picture books. It's about celebrating the lasts our children do. We pay so much attention to the firsts, first time they took a step, first time they sit but we don't pay attention to the last.

last time they bring you dandelions. last time you hold on to their hands to walk them.

If you look on youtube, there is a video of her reading it. It's a tear jerker. (I would look for the address but I'm at work and it's blocked)

Meg said...

i hear you on the tooth!! i was SO sad when my twins started getting teeth, ESP the top ones. i LOVE the big gummy grin & miss it so!! ellie is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy that cherishes every stage of her life!!

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