Lion King Impressive!

At the hospital this week, Ellie got new splints & we learned she has an ingrown toenail (from the splints, I don't know?)  Her feet have not made much progress since the spica & one has regressed quite a bit. :(  This kind of discourages me but we're sticking with it & hopefully we will start seeing progress again soon.

Meanwhile, Will had a test socket appointment for his new prosthetics.
(I'll repost soon the series I did a few summers ago on how prosthetics are made.)
It took nearly 2 hours for his appointment.

Then, Mr. Dwight entered the room.  Dwight is a prosthetist who has been creatively working to make some sort of upper extremity bike prosthetic for Will so that he can ride a balance bike with kids his age. This has been a difficult challenge for Will & so we took his bike a few weeks ago to the hospital in hopes that they could create something to help him.

Dwight walked in the room with new bike gloves (black because that is Will's current favorite color & he requested black hands.  When you get to get prosthetic hands, I suppose you can have whatever color hands you want!)
When Will saw the bike gloves, his face lit up in a huge smile & he yelled, 


Never in my life have I heard him say that.
I had no idea that Lion King was the epitome of impressiveness for Will.
Dwight's face lit up too.
That was a quite a compliment from Will.

He was so excited as he could put them on all by himself & climbed right on his bike to start practicing.

Dwight is making some adjustments and making him a new pair but he sent him home to begin working with this pair.

Hopefully, we'll get bike riding down soon!
You know what they say? 
It's as easy as riding a bike!

(Whoever wrote that probably wasn't teaching a 3 year old to ride a bike who wears lower prosthetics and has cool "Lion King Impressive" bike gloves/upper prosthetics to help him grip.  But whatever.  We'll get it!)

From now on, whenever something amazes me, I do believe I will be saying it is "Lion King Impressive!"
It just makes me smile.

4 thoughts:

Brooke said...

I love that! I'm going to have to use "Lion King Impressive" but I don't know that anything in my life is worthy yet. I'll save it for something REALLY special - maybe Harper's designer belly button after surgery this summer :)

kelly said...

oh my dear goodness! i just made clint pause tv to read the post to him!!!! we both cracked up!!! probably even more because we sooo understand little boy humor :) will - you are one funny boy!!!!

JennyCraig said...


Forrest and Elizabeth Williams said...

He is too cute. I know he makes you smile with all of the 'learning and thinking' going on up there in that curly top blonde locked head of his.
Let's talk soon...miss you friend!
Love, ejw

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