Memorial Day Fun!

Happy Memorial Day!
Ours was pretty much spent in the water all weekend long.
We live about 7 minutes from the lake & so we played!

Our friends, the O's, joined us for an evening at the lake one night

Ellie loved flying
So did Will
(who mooned half the lake as he flew! :))
We took a boat ride at night
The O's:
Ellie & I with Lovie & Will

(Mr. Social (aka Will) loves having visitors & is quite the host.  When "Mr. W." stopped by, Will said, "Please come join us!  We're having cucumbers & carrots & salad stuff!"
When our friends, the S's, stopped by on their boat, Mr. Social invited them in for "special drinks?"  I asked what that meant & he replied, "Sprite & Fresca!"  (Those are special treat drinks for Will.)
He has definitely earned the nickname, "Mr. Social"
Little Party Animal, that Will!

Ellie practiced waving at her big brother who was riding a jet ski with R's employer who came by for a visit
Will went for his first tube ride with Daddy!
He LOVED it!
I didn't have a zoom lens with me but his face - a huge smile!
I thought that going over the wake & over big waves might scare him.
It didn't.  He kept asking to go faster!

I took a ride with him & I was scared.  I think I'm too old for tubing!  Also, my back hurts.  I forgot how big those waves can be!

Will kept giving the thumbs up to go faster!

R took a long bike ride around the lake (30ish miles) with friends very early Monday morning.  His girl enjoyed some cuddles with him afterwards.
Our new friends, the S's, stopped by on their boat on Monday afternoon.  Their Eleanor sat with ours -
I call this "Ellie Squared."

On a boat ride with the S's

We attempted to make lots of homemade ice creams.  Will helped me make cantaloupe, blackberry, & watermelon ice creams.
Here he is "helping" 
(ie:  eating watermelon by the stove while I cook.)
I guess he's supervising & quality control.
Someone has to do it.

Will colored and dictated this letter to my cousin, Nick, who is serving our country in the Army.  We are so thankful for our US soldiers.

Happy Memorial Day!

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tory said...

Hello from Montana! Always so fun and inspiring to come and catch up on your blog! I just LoVe it!!! It is always so awesome to see the leaps and bounds I see each time with your precious BABES! Lots of BLESSINGS!!! You write so beautifully....I really hope someday this becomes a book of inspiration and love. I am not sure how I ever came across your blog one winter day....but, I could not stop reading...I laughed...I got teary eyed...I rejoiced...you really touched me and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life...with us. May God continue to work thru you and bless us all. The kids are simply beautiful. ((HUGS))~Tory

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