Overwhelmed by Grace

Every time I come to the beach with my children, I am overwhelmed.  Maybe it's because I can just focus on them - free from the distractions and busyness of life.  Maybe because we spend so much time outside and playing together.
Last year, we nearly didn't make it on our annual beach trip.  Ellie began showing signs of edema in the womb and our specialist mentioned possibly needing to deliver her very early (20 something weeks) if the edema continued.  He told us we could not leave for the beach as he would need to see her 48 hours later.  On Friday, he gave us the clear to go but only for a long weekend - he wanted to check her again on Tuesday.  And then our flight was cancelled due to weather so we literally had a 48 hour "escape."  I loved that trip and cherished every moment because I knew that it was very possible it would be my only opportunity to take Ellie to the beach... as Ellie in the Belly.  We were not guaranteed her life.  (We are still not guaranteed the lives of our children.)  
The first time I walked on the beach with her this week - no longer as Ellie in the Belly but as Ellie in my arms.  Oh my, the emotion was great.  I was overwhelmed by grace and overcome by gratefulness.
She is here.  She is in my arms.  And she loves swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.

I am so honored to be their mother.  I love watching miracles unfold before my eyes.

I love watching him run.

We love swimming.
I love watching her swim - so free without being attached to medical equipment or wires as we once feared
(although I admit that I tried really hard to create waterproof splint covers & failed.  I did have a good cry over that one afternoon as I realized that every time I want to take her swimming, I will have to retape her.  Thankfully, my mom asked to be trained this week so I am no longer the only one who is able to do the taping.)

I love watching them together.
I love playing together

and precious bare bottoms

It takes my breath away every single time - watching this little boy run
And have I mentioned lately that there was once concern that he wouldn't ever be able to smile?
Yes, miracles before my eyes

And despite low muscle tone and weakness, she is learning to sit independently.
Again, I am an observer of so many little miracles.

Your ways, O God, are holy.  What god is so great as our God?  You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.
Psalm 77:13-14
Miracles don't always come in the form we pray for.  But, I am so thankful that He knows exactly what we need.  Had He granted the miracles we prayed for, I think I would take so much more for granted.  I would expect walking and running and smiling and talking and sitting and swimming.  I wouldn't realize that every time I see them do one of these actions, I am watching a miracle before my eyes.
They inspire me daily.  

7 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Oh such beautiful words. Our new little grand daughter is in NICU....she has low muscle tone... they are doing testing.....
But God.... His Mercy is Ever lasting.
And that gives us Peace that surpasses all understanding. I just love seeing your little ones thrive!
Love Will's smile and Ellie's tongue! :)

Mama Bear said...

Katie -

Your children inspire you. Your depth of faith inspires me!

Tiffanie said...

Over from Brooke's blog. Thank you for your inspiring words over there. I look forward to following along. You have one beautiful family. What an inspiration!

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...


boo and stacy said...

(Friend of Brooke's)- What an absolutely gorgeous family and soul you have....

kelly said...

tears, tears, tears!
THANK YOU for reminding me that i see miracles everyday, too :)

shae said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures katie...you look gorgeous and of course ellie is getting prettier and prettier! love you and so glad you got to get away for the florida vacation. btw, my 'flashback friday' pick this week is you and me :)

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