10 months!

Look who is 10 months old!

In the last month:
She has begun to eat table foods more and more
She loves fruits - especially blueberries & peaches & pears & mangoes & bananas & cantaloupe & nectarines
She loves pasta!
She really really loves pasta!
She likes cheerios but doesn't care for puffs.
She will eat asparagus but doesn't love it.
She loves green beans and peas and squash and zucchini.
She doesn't care much for avocado.
But what she loves the most?
She loves to read books and pull objects out of boxes.
She can roll both directions but we are working on her using the opposite side & rolling purposefully.
She can sit although still has to be supervised or have a good cushion behind her - she tends to sometimes throw herself backwards and doesn't have the strength to break a fall.
(I think falling will be one of her big life challenges due to a lack of muscle strength to catch herself.)
She loves swimming & "jumping" in the pool (see video below.)
She loves to play peek a boo & will pull her dress over her face to "hide."
She really likes people and smiles at everyone (from the comfort of Mommy's arms - still a Mommy's girl.)
Said her first word - "dada"
Seems to be attempting to clap
Babbles a lot
Happily squeals unbelievably loudly - especially when in the car
Thinks it is hilarious if we squeal back at her (most people would get a headache after running errands with W, E, & I squealing at the top of our lungs all over town.)
Loves to nurse & refuses a bottle.  She will sip from a regular cup but nothing substantial.
Still naps two times a day - once for about 1-1.5 hours in the morning & 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon.
Nurses 4-5 times a day.
Gives "hugs" & sometimes "kisses."
Has begun to try to annoy her brother - she thinks it's hilarious to pull his hair & hear him squeal.  (I must admit that it makes me happy to see the beginnings of sibling rivalry - it's one of those many things I didn't know if we would get if Ellie couldn't survive or had to remain in a hospital.)
Has begun biting Mommy's shoulder & has to be told "no" firmly
LOVES swimming & gets so excited when we mention going swimming.  Even though a swim means I have to retape her, I can't resist the head bouncing/excited body language of a girl who just can't wait to get in the water!  She has begun to "swim" between us -check out the video below.  She just loves it!
No new teeth during the month but she did get #5 just 2 days after turning 10 months.
She loves to be tickled & loves to snuggle.

Ellie giggling:
Ellie jumping in the pool

She gives us great joy!
We are thankful she is our & is 10 months old!

5 thoughts:

In the Life of The Crump Family said...

Ok,seriously..could your children get any cuter! I think not! :) I enjoy your blog very much and Ellie swimming is very impressive! Go Ellie go!

Mike and Christie said...

So much fun~! So happy she is 10 months!

~Stevie~ said...

LOVE the spaghetti pics! Oh my-love that little girl. P.S. I owe her a Cinderella movie. When does it come out of the vault?! :)

23weeks said...

Will & Ellie are amazing.. seriously! Michael is going under in the pool in the am!! I have been such a wimp and you & your cuties have given me the strength!!
Thank you so much :o)

Lisa said...

I can't believe Ellie will go under water like that...amazing! Will's "angry bird style" jump is hilarious. Thanks for sharing your adorable kids!

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