Little Picassos

Ellie woke up from her morning nap early yesterday as Will & I were working on his planet craft.  (I gave in - in my laziness I tried to avoid the craft store but you guys were right - styrofoam is easier to use than homemade clay disaster.)

I thought maybe it was time to let Ellie try some art too!

I think she likes it!

Look what I made, Mom!

Like her brother, she wears her art proudly

He was painting Batman 
(on paper - not himself in case you were confused by the paint all over him!)

3 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

So fun! I still have art work from the guys.... Our son's first painting was a car wash. LOL
Our 3 year old drew Superman. It hangs in the hall next to his picture.

Ashton said...

So fun!!! Cheyanne has been asking about "outer space" a lot lately too, so maybe we will steal your idea and make some kind of solar system mobile?!
Oh and I love the top pic of Ellie, her expression is priceless, so much personality! You have gorgeous babies! (Not that you didn't already know that ;)

Mama Bear said...

Those are two of the most yummilicious sweet faces EVER! They both make me smile every time I see them (with or without the extra artwork).

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