A rap & a giggler

Ellie & Will are starting to "play" together more and more.  She loves knocking down towers we build for her!
And we love hearing her laugh.

Will is very into all things superhero.  I find that I most often am listening to preschoolish music.  I do not find that I feel very "cool" while doing so.  But I'm okay with that - never have been cool.  Recently, Will & I found the song, "Superhero," by Go Fish.  I feel more cool - it's kind of a Christian rap/song about a superhero.
Will loves it.  I actually like it really loud in the car.
And the boy quickly memorized it.  He cracks me up singing it around the house & around town.
I especially like how he changed the line "battling evil" to "battling with eagle."

(turn the music playlist at the bottom of the blog to pause to hear.)

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