Fun In West TX

We spent the weekend with family back in West Texas (where we recently moved from.)  
It was fun to see our family & a few friends. 
Will had a great time swimming with cousins & Daddy

Ellie enjoyed lots of snuggles with her G-Dad
Will and Ellie had a great time playing animals with Honey every spare second
(Will "borrowed" a few goats to bring home in his pockets on the airplane.)
We saw a few friends at breakfast early Saturday am.  
Will had fun being silly with some of his best buddies whom he has greatly missed.

This was about as good a picture as I could get of these active boys
Seriously.  Attempting to photograph a bunch of boys is nearly impossible.  Especially when they all obey and lay down for the picture - except for mine who jumped up just as I snapped the pic!  Oh well.
Cowboy Will enjoyed riding the tractor
And Ellie enjoyed more snuggles with her Honey
Will & Harper (his cousin) played some game with trucks
Playing baseball with the big boy cousins
Ellie enjoying being held by her Aunt Melinda
It was such a good visit - filled with family time by the pool and around the table, professional entire family portraits (hopefully they'll turn out good!), and a victory celebration at R's parents' church.

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