My sweet loves, helping me cook dinner the other night.
Thanks to Aunt Gac for the cute apron & chef's hat for Will a few years ago.
And thanks to Lovie (my mom) for saving my apron I wore as a little girl helping her in the kitchen.  Now my daughter is wearing it.
I love being their mommy.

A recent Willism regarding cooking:
While driving through a rough neighborhood recently, I saw a teachable moment & took the opportunity to point out the neighborhood and talk about giving to those in need.  There were plenty of good visuals around us.  We practiced giving away some of his books this week to a boys' home.
Will announced, "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a chef.  I'll be a chef for boys and girls that don't have mommies and daddies.  I'll make them salad and french fries.  Also, I'll be like their father."

2 thoughts:

kelly said...

i like that he wants to offer a balanced menu.

Mike and Christie said...

So sweet!!!!!!!

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