Will participated in VBS for the first time ever this week.  He LOVED it & I have to admit I enjoyed the 3 hours with just Ellie in the am.  It did confirm, however, that he is not ready to go to 5 day a week preschool or even 3 day a week all day preschool.  He comes home exhausted!
My mom (Lovie) was his teacher and that worked out great.  Since it is not our home church, I would have been a little nervous about sending him around so many unfamiliar kids.  When he goes to preschool, I will go the first day & introduce him to his class & answer any questions they may have, teach them about his zancos & limb differences, etc.  But, he will only be around kids near his own age - sending him to VBS where there would be lots of older kids that he would not necessarily be able to respond to, just didn't feel comfortable to me.  So, I was thankful Lovie saved the day!
The theme was "Hometown Nazareth" & Will loved learning about when Jesus was a boy.
I've loved the crafts he has come home with (making mint sea salt scrub above) & the verses he has learned every day.
Here he is reciting his first memory verse of the week:

2 thoughts:

Crystal said...

Kids are amazing! I think adult can sell them short in their abilities! Great job will with the scripture verse! When need to work on that with Raquel! Happy to see happy babies and Mom and Dad!

Mike and Christie said...

LOL... blastoff! :)

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