11 months!!!

 She's 11 months old!
I can hardly believe how fast this year is going.
 I love her smile & how she throws her head back in total joy.
 I love her front two snaggly teeth
 I love her laugh - it starts out small and giggly and then escalates to belly laughter & squealing at the top of her very loud lungs
 I love that she can feed herself table foods.

 And I love that like her big brother before her, she has a new best friend...

 It's a give and take relationship.
During storms when her anxiety peaks, Ruby curls up next to Ellie's crib.
During meals, Ellie makes sure that Ruby is well fed and that she gets to taste every bite after Ellie eats it.
 When our kids start table foods, I think Ruby is so thankful to be in this family.

At 11 months...

Ellie weighs 18 pounds.
She nurses like a champ and refuses to drink milk from a bottle or cup.  
She will take sips of water from a sippy cup.
She loves table foods - especially fruits, cheese, egg whites, green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, mangoes, apples, bananas, etc.
She tolerates asparagus.
She loves bath time.
She loves swimming & will automatically hold her breath if I count to 3!
She can swim between two adults (with a push, of course.)
She tolerates her therapies.
She has begun rolling all over the floor to get somewhere!
She can almost get to a sit all by herself.
She loves her brother and gets mad if he takes away a toy from her.
She loves to "jump" in the pool to me from a sit.
She "rocks" (getting ready to scoot, I think!)
She claps her hands & says "yay!"  kind of
She is so proud of herself when she accomplishes any milestone.
She smiles on command.
She remains a very contented baby.

We are so thankful for her.

3 thoughts:

Jill Fritts said...

And she looks exactly like big brother! :) So so sweet!

Mike and Christie said...

She is like the cutest baby in the world! :) LOVE her huge smiles.

~Stevie~ said...

Can't believe it! She's growing, growing, growing! She's precious, Katie!!! And she has a precious Mommy too! :)

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