the sight of my babies asleep just makes my heart flutter and I am overcome with such a sense of peace... as if all is good in the world - if only for naptime.

asleep in the car with his "gigi" over his face

out cold in his bed - even when mommy turned on the light to get a better picture
Busted!  This one isn't quite as hard a sleeper & she caught me as I took her pic.  
Notice she's such a happy baby - smiling at me as she covers her eyes!
So good to put up with her mama and the endless photos
Ahhh naptime, how I love thee.

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Sarah said...

I love the "sleeping" pictures... there's something so awesome about seeing pictures of our kids, but you are so right, seeing pictures of them sleeping, well it is "beyond words"!! When our kids were little we would go into their rooms EVERY night and check on them after they fell asleep, Josh was our funniest one...he would sleep with both hands above his head like he was signaling a "touchdown". Most nights Damian would whisper in his ear "touchdown", and about half the time he would sit straight up in bed (still asleep)and just start "talking"...boy, those were the days!
BTW, hope you had an awesome birthday...Jesse turns 10 on Monday, but is in AZ, so we will celebrate when she gets back! Hug those sweet kids for me! Let me know how the cake pops turn out, Jessica wants to order some for her b'day celebration?...
Hugs, Sarah

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