Hands! A Fun Meeting!

Monday, we were interviewed by Paige - a journalist for a local magazine who convinced her editor to do an entire issue on hands!  She is interviewing patients with hand differences in our area and we were privileged to spend time with her today talking about life being a mommy to a child with hand differences and our experiences so far.
Will swam during our interview for most of the time but I did manage to convince him to join us for a few moments to answer some questions.  He showed Paige his favorite trick he can do with his hands and then he proceeded to tell some story about going potty like a big boy...
(I begged her to not include that in her article. :)

It wasn't until Paige had been there for over an hour that Will happened to notice her hand differences.... and I saw his face light up as he saw someone who has differences right there at our table.  I love that he noticed the person first.  I love that it took him a long time to see any differences.  (Ellie, by the way, thought Paige was there to babysit her, I think.  She panicked at first. Later, Ellie had to go with her Lovie as she apparently wanted to contribute to the interview with her sweet babbles.)

Paige is a former patient at Scottish Rite & is off to college this fall to study journalism.  I have no doubt she will be a huge success (she's already convinced her editor to do an entire magazine issue on her topic of choice!  Not bad for a teenager, huh?)
She offered me lots of wisdom and insight I can apply to both of my precious kiddos & I so enjoyed the opportunity to visit with her.

I loved getting getting to know Paige & am honored to have been included in her article.
Thanks, Paige, for spreading awareness about how very normal life can be with hand differences!

(& fyi - I made a whopping $351 at the garage sale!  YAHOOO - that covered my expenses for the day so I was relieved!  And Will made $21 - I taught him to save $2 & give $2 to God... he kind of struggled with it at first but then he loved going to the toy store & spending his earnings.  I have a feeling he might start finding more toys to sell soon. ;) 

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