Rational... Or Not

Know what I'm doing right now?

Setting up for a garage sale.

It's 105 degrees according to my car.

Possibly I'm already way under- I've spent $22 on the ad, $3 on price stickers, & $40 on teenagers to haul my junk to my mom's for the sale.

Considering my history in which I typically end up owing my friends who let me participate. I'm not exactly a big moneymaker. But I'm optimistic- this time I'm going to strike it rich.
Or something.
Maybe I'll just end up with a nice tan.

No one has ever accused me of being rational.:)

Wish me luck!:)

2 thoughts:

Jo Anna said...

oh my! you're brave. i was just telling my mom today that i don't think i will ever do another garage sale the rest of my life. good luck!

JennyCraig said...

So...how did you pan out??

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