He Does Eat

 I promise I feed this child.  
At least three times a day.  Despite all visible evidence - I do feed him healthy meals.

We battle at the table a lot it seems.  As my friend, Rachel, notes, Will is content to simply "eat to survive."  He'll eat a wide variety of foods.  He loves his fish and veggies and fruits.  He drinks milk (he loves it warmed up - gross.)  
He just burns a bajillion calories a day as an active boy and one who must constantly be moving in order to stay balanced due to his feet differences and he wears what amounts to weights on his legs in the form of bilateral prosthetics in order to walk and run... so basically, he burns a lot of calories.
But, I promise, I feed him

On a only somewhat related note, tonight at dinner, Will said the following,
"Mommy, did this chicken die?
Yes.  It did.
"Did somebody kill it?"
Yes.  I suppose they did.
(Note that he is continuing to eat said chicken throughout the discussion.)
"Well, did the chicken live on a farm?"
(Daddy pipes in:  Yes.  He did.)
Will (in between bites,) "Well, that's sad because I bet the chicken would have liked to keep living on the farm."

Interestingly, the idea of catching a fish and then eating it for dinner that very night doesn't make him the least bit sad.

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Mike and Christie said...

He IS a thoughtful little guy.... We have chickens right now that lay eggs so they are safe. One year, we decided to give our Turkey a pardon for Thanksgiving. Will can see his picture here:

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