First Year Portraits

When Will turned one, my good friend and a fabulous professional photographer, Sarah, took fun portraits of Will diving into his first cake.  
I'm no pro but I love Will's big portrait on our family room wall and knew I needed a somewhat matching one of Ellie to go under Will's.  So, I roped R & Will into helping me and we did our best to capture Ellie's love of icing & her cute little first birthday smiles!

(These top 3 are my favorites - let me know which you like best and help me choose which to print for our wall!)

Some of the outtakes & funny poses:

 "Aha!  I see some icing waaaaaay up there!)
 "Are you guys sure you want me to eat and cover myself in more icing?"  

 "I could get used to this daily serving of cake thing!"
 "I think I'm going to need a bath!"
 See?  I told you she could care less for the cake... it's the icing she loves!

5 thoughts:

shae said...

I think second from the top....she is really beautiful!

Mama Bear said...

Number 2. (Although, they are all truly precious!)

I understand the icing thing! Sugar Bear (true to her name) ate ONLY the purple icing on her cake yesterday. She was very methodical about it, making sure she got every little bit of icing...


~Stevie~ said...

I really like all of them, but my favorite is the 3rd one! :) Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

Sarah said...

Okay, so my first thought was number 2, then I went back and looked again, and again...and I really like number 1...she just looks so "dreamy"...although, they are ALL fantastic!! Happy birthday, Ellie! BTW, how were the cake pops? Love and miss you guys!

Dana said...

too cute! I like #3 because she is looking at you and you can see all of the cake mess. So fun!

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