Ice Cream!

My mom sent me this picture recently when she took Will to the zoo.  He was enjoying an ice cream.  Looks like a typical thing to do on a hot summer day, doesn't it?

A few years ago, I didn't know how Will would manage ice cream cones.  In fact, I asked his mouth surgeon if he would ever be able to enjoy an ice cream cone.  I wanted him to so badly because it seemed like such a typical thing for a kid to do and I didn't want him to struggle with one more thing.
The surgeon told me he didn't know but he believed Will would figure out a way.

Looks like he has!

One of the many things I love about having a child (ren) with differences is that we quickly learn to value everything... nothing is minor and nothing is taken for granted - because we don't know what we will get.  I am thankful for my boy licking an ice cream cone this summer!

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