Look very closely...
Do you see anything odd in this picture?

I'm not naming any names but someone who is merely 11 months old and as cute as she can be and apparently rather sly, has figured out how to remove her splints from her legs while she is supposed to be soundly sleeping "like a baby" in her crib.
Her mommy has been finding them all week loosely in the crib upon waking her up.  
Her mommy has tried putting a sock over them to hold them on but "Houdini" can get them off with the sock too.
Next, the mommy will try pet wrap tape (it's pink with hearts!)
But this?!?!

I noticed this the other day after nap time.
I'm pretty sure she is laughing at me - she's pulling a prank... at 11 months old!
I mean, seriously, how did she manage to get the splint off her leg and onto her doll's without making a peep?!?!

Today, she was playing in our family room, and I stepped out to say something to R...
when I came back in, she was smiling happily while holding a splint!

This one is going to keep her mama busy!

5 thoughts:

~Stevie~ said...

LOVE this!

Mike and Christie said...

Oh now that is TOOO FUNNY!

Kristin said...

I've often thought that it's a good think my kids are cute. it makes me smile through the chaos.

Kelly said...

Ha ha! Ellie that is too cute!

teecobb said...

This is exactly what these little angels were destined to do...it's their job description. Enjoy every minute.

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