Swimming Tricks

My kids love swimming.  Thank goodness since it's 18,249 degrees in Texas lately.  Or you know, a mere 112.
I love them swimming because it is a great full body workout and I always noticed with Will that after some intensive swimming weeks, he would suddenly master skills we had been working on for months.  I also love that it is a life long sport.
But I really love that they can swim with the bodies they have - they don't need any extra equipment or adaptive tools.  They just need water.  Suits are even optional (in a private pool, of course!)
Most of all... I just love that they each love the water!

Here's Will's trick of the week - 
he's finally figured out how to dive in the water... and swim across the pool!
Way to go, Will!  I'm so proud of him!
and this isn't the best video showcasing Ellie's trick but she can kind of use her back and kick her legs to "swim" between two adults (with a push.)  Precious girl loves the water and isn't afraid to go under!
practicing her backfloat
(check out those tan lines from the tape!)

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The Reeves bunch said...

Katie, I met you at Scottish Rite in the baby room when Ellie was a couple of days old. My son Eli was getting new splints made I believe when you were there. It all kind of runs together! Ellie has come so far how amazing! What a wonderful and encouraging mom you are! She is going to be so blessed to have you as her cheerleader her whole life! Brenda gave me your blog address, so that I could read all of the wonderful progress that Ellie is making! Your son is precious! What an amazing little man he is! Your children are so special!! I hope that we can stay in touch through everything.

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