(a)Live Entertainment - CO Style

While here in CO on our family vacation, we haven't watched much tv or been to see any cool live shows...
instead we have been daily entertained by the elk that are running.

Last night, as we ate dinner, we suddenly noticed two elk right in front of our dining room window.  We rushed outside and saw at least 14 cows (female) elk & the bull & 3 babies!
This baby was nursing - aggressively, I might add.  As a nursing mother myself, I kind of wanted to tell him to "no bite."  He was rough.  But she didn't seem to mind.  She also didn't seem to have a problem with all the gawkers.

A bull off to the side of our cabins... 
Note the cars lined up on the highway to watch.  Every time one is spotted, traffic stops.
They seem to love our area of cabins so we have front row seats for the show daily.
Will watching the bull drink the rainwater

(Today, Will was talking to a cowboy about some elk bones we had seen and he was showing off his new knowledge of elk terms - asking whether they were cow or bull bones... now I just hope he won't use the term "harem" at pre-K.)
Will & I watching some babies - (you can see the baby behind us eating the flowers off the front porch of the cabin)
This guy was on our porch the other evening.  We followed him for quite a ways in the misty rain.

This is definitely (a)live entertainment - Colorado style!
And we've loved it!

3 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Please bring some permanent cold weather home with you! I'm tired of sweating!

Ellie said...

FYI, your blog is now triggering a McAfee warning and an Avast warning, indicating a security threat. It never did this before; just over the past two days.

I would definitely investigate this. My blog was once hacked and it started downloading malware onto visitors' computers! I had to wipe out the entire site at the hosting level and upload it all from the XML file backup.
If your site is found to be distributing malware or viruses (even without your knowledge), your ads will get pulled and you will get a lifetime ban (from BlogHer, from Google Adsense, from any and all ad providing programs. AdSense will ban you entirely; not just the offending site.)
I removed the ads from my blog until I got it sorted. I'd recommend the same.

I'd be happy to send you a screenshot if you think that would be helpful.


Amanda M. said...

Not to be morbid or anything {!!}, but did you know that elk meat is somewhat good for you? {If you eat meat, that is.....} It is very lean - so little fat that it's sometimes hard to cook without adding something to it. And it tastes good too! I can honestly say that I prefer elk over deer meat. I never thought I would ever say that, but it's true! :)

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