RMNP - a cold day's hike

One afternoon, sirens woke my kids up too early from their naps.  I knew I could get Will back to sleep but Ellie - not so much.
So, R took her on a father/daughter date (drive) through Rocky Mountain National Park.
They saw a bear.
(Thankfully, they kept their distance.)

That evening, we all went on a drive looking for the bear.
Turns out, we should have headed downtown.  Apparently, there were bears downtown that afternoon.
We went on a really beautiful, really cold hike one morning this week.

It began in a meadow.
Will is now asking God when he prays for a meadow for Christmas.
He told me he plans on asking Santa for an elk.

It got colder as we went.  And windier.

And finally!  We found some aspen that were changing colors!  
Gorgeous Yellow Aspen!
I was very excited & headed off trail with Ellie for a closer look.

We saw lots of beaver dams...
Will made a wish on a dandelion - for a robot.
The fog began to roll in and the temp dropped to around 44 degrees, I believe.

It was beautiful.  And cold.
And we took very good naps in our warm cabin afterwards.

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