Last Day in CO - bike riding!

a family pic in Estes Park on a cold, rainy day
(ya'll - it was glorious to see rain.  After so many months of drought here in TX - glorious!... now if only it would make its way down here.)
On our last day, before leaving RMNP, we took a drive and stopped for some last views - beautiful!
As we left Estes Park, the aspen had just started to turn yellow & there was snow covering the peaks

lots of kissing on this trip 
(& frankly, every day in this fam!)

On our last night, we were back in Fort Collins.  We actually overlapped one night with my parents who had flown in to watch my little brother's band play a show.
This worked out well for R & I as we had a night out on our vacation.  
Adam & Megan went to the bike library (wow - Fort Collins has a public bike library - you can rent bikes - for free- for a week- & ride them all over town!  Awesome!)
So - they checked us out some cruisers & took us on a tour of Fort Collins & it's microbreweries while Will & Ellie spent a few hours with their grandparents.
Fort Collins is a very bike friendly town - I got nervous as Adam crossed over into a left turn lane - behind cars & acted so normal... he told me in FC that bikes are treated like cars - they even have bike lanes on every main street!  And I noticed as we rode for the next few hours that there are bikers everywhere - & every restaurant and shopping center has bike racks.  So fun!  Definitely made R & I wish for a more bike friendly place to live - it's just really fun to jump on a bike & head somewhere.

My little brother & I
R & I - 
listening to live music before riding our bikes home to the hotel at 11pm. 
It's been a long long time since we've done something like this.
So fun.
So good for us to get outside & do something fun & different for an evening.

Ellie said two new words on this trip -
"Doggie" (as she watched Uncle Adam's & Megan's dogs) & later (finally!) "Mama!")

lunch with Cookie & Lovie & Uncle Adam & Megan on our overlap day

hanging out in FC
a great trip...
and now to unpack. :)
(& pray for rain & cool weather someday in TX)

1 thoughts:

Erika Minich said...

Looks and Sounds Like you all had a great time.
We got some rain here in Wylie.
It was great.

Erika Minich.

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