a list... & a friend

1.  This is Claire.  I've known her her entire life.  She lives in NC.  Our dads have been bffs since kindergarten.  We've grown up doing annual family white water canoe trips and spending time together - more like family than friends.  When her family lived in Guatemala as missionaries, I went and stayed with them for awhile one summer.  Claire was a bridesmaid in my wedding and her friendship is so valuable to me.  The S's have been at the births of my children & even come to run for Will on his team.  (You can join his team too!  Click here!)
Last week, Claire was in TX applying for a job as an occupational therapist at our fav children's hospital - Scottish Rite.  So, after her interview, she came to see us for a few days.  She's one of those friends I just relax with and love to spend time with.  I've loved hanging out with her & she was a huge help at Ellie's therapy appointments and our marathon well check appointment for both kids.  (Although I think she was a little worn out that day!)  I love talking to her and hearing her insight & perspective on life.  Thanks for visiting, Claire.  Thanks for investing in the lives of my children.  We are thankful for your friendship & excited to see where you go next!

2.  This is my answering machine.  I don't know where the phone is because I have a habit of "abandoning" the phone.  It drives R crazy.  
Today, I've had four messages.  (ps - I love our answering machine message of Will's voice.  I will never ever change it... even when he is a teenager and begs me too.  I hope answering machines still exist then.)
Those four messages?  All from doctors or nurses.  Ugh.  Wasn't planning on spending nap time coordinating x-rays & figuring out testing but I did.  More on that later, maybe.
3.  Medicines.
I love them.  My kids have both been sick this week.  Will had a 3 hour stomach bug Monday but it was quick & relatively painless (maybe not for him.)  Then, Tuesday, we had well checks & I expected quick visits.  Why am I an eternal optimist about our doctor's appointments?  I really thought we'd get in & get home by regular nap time.  Wrong.  Thankfully, I had Claire to help me (until she made her exit to make a movie with my mom just before shots time. Smart girl.)  
2 kids, 8 shots.  Ouch.
I hate shot days but frankly, at least it's quick.  I'd much rather shots than x-rays (which I do tomorrow) or blood draws (which we do next week.)  And I always tell Will that we get vaccines to help him not get super sick.  Sweet boy - he told the nurse thank you through big tears.  
The appointment went pretty well 
I'll give the stats soon since I'm way delayed on posting the birthday stats/accomplishments...
Basically, we've got some concerns on Will's growth so we are following up with a specialist and looking into what we need to do for that... hence the xrays and blood draws.  
My mom asked me today if I was okay about all this.  When he was little, this would have overwhelmed me and I would have been pretty upset.  I don't think I'm callous but I guess I am becoming more accustomed to appointments rarely being simple.  I'm getting used to complex issues and more specialists and running tests and making sure we are on top of things.  And I love and trust our pedi so that helps.  And we can see a specialist here in town so that is nice.  And maybe this is something that has some treatment options to hopefully make Will's life easier in the long run.  
Anyway, after the shots, both kids developed fevers.  And very achy arms/legs.  Will is waking up every night in the middle of the night crying about his sore arms.  Ellie seems very achy to my touch & I can't seem to get her fever down - still 101.5 today...
so - yay for tylenol & motrin.
6.  This is my kitchen island.  It was clean on Monday.  By Wednesday morning, I had covered it in paperwork, researching some stuff on Will.

7.  I owe a big thanks to my geometry teacher.  It was the only math I ever sort of semi-liked /tolerated.  Maybe because it was visual.  And had shapes.  
Anyway, I dusted off some old geometry skills and have been graphing Will's growth in an effort to better understand our issues as we discuss them with doctors.  So glad that something from high school math is now being used in my life.
8.That's a hydrangea on the side of the photo.  It's from my yard.  I had some big blue and pink ones this week and they make me smile.
9.  I love having doctors that email and text.  It makes things easier as I find more info in the middle of the night.  I also love having doctors I trust and that are cautious and love my children.  We've been blessed with some awesome doctors.
10.  I recently smashed my thumb.  I'll spare you the photo.  I didn't notice I had done it - I saw Will's "foot" (prosthetic) in the door as I shut the car door.  I immediately threw the door open & panicked about his foot.  He said, "mommy, it's my zanco."  And then, as I realized he was fine, the pain & panic set in.  Ouch.  It really, really hurt. I may have cried in the post office parking lot.
11.  Sometimes, I confess, I get tired of feeling like just when I think we are in a routine & we've got some free days, they get appointments for further testing or xrays or whatever thrown in them.  Sometimes, I just want to have quick, easy, appointments without discussing any serious issues or any follow up with specialists.  
12.  I'm glad I remember how to graph.
13.  Will has his first soccer practice of the season tonight.  He's excited.  I'm excited.  And a little nervous.  I don't think the coaches know he wears prosthetics.  I hope they are fine with that & give him plenty of opportunity to play.  I hope he can keep up with the kids - sometimes those zancos slow him down but he has to wear them for soccer.  I hope the kids are accepting of him.  I also hope they are the "Fire Breathing Dragons" because a certain someone really wants that for his team name.
14.  He used the word "recognize" yesterday and it cracked me up.
15.  He told me today that at preschool he announced to the class, "Everyone!  Who wants to be Robin when we grow up?  I will be Batman so who wants to be Robin?"  He then said, "Mommy - you are going to be Batgirl."  Love that boy.  He said no one volunteered to be his Robin sidekick.
16.  It almost stormed here.  It spit some water from the sky.  It thundered and turned black.  My dog went psycho & I gave her anti-anxiety medication.  And then it didn't rain.  Oh, Texas needs rain.
17.  Will told his teacher he saw nursing elk.  Clearly, the child is spending some time with a nursing mama.
18.  I miss my friends from west Texas a lot lately.  I miss mom's group.
19.  I joined BSF.  I can hardly wait to start but have already missed twice thanks to vacation and sick kids.  We're studying Acts.  My kids are in the children's program & I can't wait for them to experience it!
20.  I'm guest posting tomorrow at www.wearetheraddest.blogspot.com

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Leslie said...

I don't know if you remember me, but I was Leslie Cunningham (Lance & Shane's sister), I am now Leslie Bunt, but I am a children's leader in the Tyler Day class for the 3 year olds. I bet Will is in the class right above me! I will look for him when we are on the playground!! So glad you are in, and that your sweet babies are in the children's program! I LOVE it! I hope I see you sometime!!! I have enjoyed following your blog. Nicole Mitchell was taking about your blog several months ago, and when I looked, I was like..oh my, I KNOW her! HA! Small world. Nicole and I are in church together! ANyway, just wanted to say hi!:)

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