MIracles this Week

Last week, with no prompting and out of nowhere, Ellie went from a sit to a stand while in physical therapy!
The PTA was shocked.
I was shocked and crying and grabbing my camera phone.
Will was wondering what the big deal was.

She has continued to do it some this week from sitting on little benches.  So exciting!  She needs support once she is up but the fact that she seems to understand the mechanics of what it takes to stand and the fact that she is apparently motivated is awesome.
 I mentioned to my mom that sometimes I struggle with sharing milestones with therapists.  (Will's first steps happened with his pt in our sunroom.  That day is forever ingrained in my head - December of 2008 we celebrate the anniversary every year.  IT WAS HUGE!)
But, in her wisdom, my mom reminded me that having a therapist present is good - unlike most people, she knows the hard work that went into each milestone.  And she can verify it is reality instead of me dreaming or fantasizing or wondering if I can believe my eyes.  And she can celebrate with me.
This was a great day.

practicing her stand at home:
And that little boy I asked for your prayers for with his bike.
Just a few hours after posting that request here is what happened:
(the sun had set - but you can hear the audio if you push pause on the music playlist at the bottom of the blog.)

He rode a bike.
The child who is just barely four years old.  The child in bilateral lower prosthetics and with hand differences.
The child with a determination and strong willed spirit unlike anyone I've ever known.
The child created by a God who knows my fears and my insecurities and all the what ifs and gives me gifts like this...
he did it.  He did it.

And pretty much every waking moment of sunlight (or partial sunlight) has been spent outside riding his bike!

He's figuring out his brakes at last & now can ride pretty far on the long flat street at the bottom of our street!
We actually were able to go on a family walk down the street with him riding beside us!
Little daredevil though loves hills & is so anxious to go down the big hill on our street.  I'm not ready for that!
So fun!

I do not take this for granted.  I have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

It is the greatest honor of my life to be their mommy.  
 He gives me a front row seat to behold miracles.
And I am thankful.

6 thoughts:

kirabaker said...

I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Ellie (who is the same age-within days- as my Addison and they even look similar :)) . You and your family are such an inspiration to me!

Mama Bear said...

So precious. So awesome. So inspiring!

Anonymous said...

katie -
i teared up as i read this. what a miracle. your kids are amazing and you are such an amazing mom. i read your post about will's bday party and it seemed wonderful. you are such an amazing mom and your kids are so blessed to have you as their mommy!
way to go!

megan said...

Katie, i am not a crier, but i am all choked up watching Ellie STAND! Ah-mazing. & Will...wish you guys could come ride on our block.

Ashton said...

YAAAAAAAY! GO Ellie girl!!!! And GO Will!!! That is awesome!! What a great week!

~Stevie~ said...

What an AMAZING week! Your kids ROCK!

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