Superhero Birthday!!!

SuperWill had a really fun superbirthday!

I had ordered us family capes last spring... and saved them for this day.
Will thought it was fun that Mommy & Daddy had capes...
and so did baby sister, SuperEllie

Ruby even had a superdog cape.
I don't have a picture of the invitations and am too tired to get up and take one.
However, they looked like comic books.
For like $12, I found a "kit" on etsy that a graphic artist created and emailed to me in a PDF format...
then I plugged in certain words and information and printed it out.
I used a lot of color ink but I loved all the creative things the artist had made.
I love etsy - it makes my life easier (but also more complicated - so many choices!)

Here were the party favors from "SuperWill"
(books, tattoos, and stickers.  Will is loving these "early reader" superhero books.  I keep catching him "reading" by himself.)
When the children arrived at "SuperWill's top secret superhero training camp" we had to transform them into superheroes.
They stopped at the kitchen table to color their superhero nametag, get some silly bandz,  create a mask, and choose a cape.  
I used my sewing machine and very basic sewing skills to sew capes in the party colors a few weeks ago.
Naturally, my child preferred the simple homemade capes to his fancy "W" cape.  

The food table.
This candied popcorn was fun to make and yummy to eat... but I made way too much!  It also has about a bajillion calories.
Carrots were provided for x-ray vision.
(Candied popcorn for super energy & later sugar crashes. :))
The patio-
I ordered some superhero posters from ebay for $1 to hang up - I try to avoid character parties but my superhero loves them... so I hung up posters featuring his favorite superheroes.
I also hung up a SuperWill pennant and I blew up some pictures of SuperWill in his cape & face painted mask  to poster size and mounted them on bright poster boards.
I collected those little "Belly Washers" drinks with various superhero tops, emptied them, and set those out for the kids to choose.  For a special treat, I put out 7UP and lemonade... 7UP is a very special treat for Will!


I love love love a theme!

I love planning games for parties.
The first game was Silly String Spiderwebs-

For the "training camp" they had to do the slip n slide, crawl through a tunnel to the Batcave (fort) and slide down, then show off their superstrength by breaking a brick (I velcroed two cardboard bricks together so they could break them) & they had to leap over tall buildings (I glued a skycrape scene to cardboard to jump over.
I was surprised at how long this kept the kids occupied.
SuperEllie after her morning nap watching the fun
Have I mentioned I love themes?  Check out her cute hair clip.

The birthday cake -
what drama into creating and last minute shopping for this!

WIll just wanted icing - all that drama for  icing.
Ellie loves icing too - she must think August is the best month ever in this family - all these birthdays and cake and icing!
Naturally, I made cake pops- my current obsession...
I attempted to make cute little superhero cake pops.
Ellie wanted in on some fun and loved watching the superheroes

Our neighbors let us borrow this awesome inflatable slide!  
It was a hit!!!
That's wildthing Will on the orange slide

Two Superheroes

On his real birthday, a few days later, the celebration continued.
He loved his new batcave
For his birthday dinner, he has been requesting catfish for months.
So, I ran thru "Catfish King" after preschool to get him some catfish.
I made yummy homemade spaghetti for the rest of us.  I love fish but not so much catfish.
He loved it & told me it was "delicious."
But, after sitting through dinner, he was anxious to play.
I got a cookie cake for the first time -
he was too excited about new toys to bother eating.
(So we enjoyed it for breakfast the next day.)

Ellie enjoyed it immensely.
R & I gave him a new bike.
He has been trying to ride his balance bike but he's really struggled with fear I think from not feeling balanced - and remember, he wears zancos so it's not really his feet on the pedals - his feet are 4 inches up from the "feet" on the pedals - so that affects your stability and security - like riding a bike in stilts.
His new "lion king impressives" (bike glove prosthetics) arrived about 30 minutes before dinner.  I love God's timing!

It's not a hit...yet.
Pray for us if you think of it - I really really want him to be able to ride something in the cul de sac with the other kids on our street.  It breaks my heart when he just sits in the grass and watches his friends.  But - I know it is a huge struggle for him and a big challenge - wearing bilateral lower prosthetics and upper prosthetics.  Goodness, I admire this kid.  He is my hero.
It's going to take work.  I know that it takes work for any kid.  I had to sit back and watch my mom work with him - I just was struggling with pushing him and doubting myself for wanting to push it.
I believe in him and that he can do it... I just know it is going to be a challenge.

So - the wild month of August & multiple birthdays is over!
(& I'm glad for a break for awhile!)

3 thoughts:

Kristin said...

Lauren wants to ride so bad sans training wheels (she's 8). I haven't had any success teaching her but my mom is going to take her to this program 'loose the training wheeL' next summer. Our bike riding season this year will quickly be a thing of the past.

That looks like a great party. You did such an awesome job. i'm so uncreative, that's why we always have our parties at our dance studio.

Claire said...

Hapy Birthday SUPER WILL!

I have found a couple of comouter programmes that might help you to use a computer and type.
One is dasher, which lets the user type by "driving" a mouse and not using a key board.


The other is clickaid and lets you click on items by hovering over them for a few seconds, instead of clicking with a mouse. Both are free too!


shae said...

amazing birthday party katie!! i love themes too and you did it to the extreme and in such a great way. happy birthday to both of your sweet ones...we love you all!

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