Dolphin Tale- Go See It!

Looking for something to do this weekend?

I highly recommend this movie!  R & I took Will on a special Mommy/Daddy/Will date the weekend it came out & loved it!  I had read about Winter the Dolphin several years ago and the movie was fantastic.  Great cast - Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr., & Morgan Freeman among others.
It's slightly long for a four year old (2 hours) but Will loved that the dolphin had a zanco.  And it was fun to see our friend Cody in the credit scenes.
What I really loved about the movie?  Winter was valued.  She was respected.  Whereas others wanted to put her down after her injury, the key players in the movie saw value in her.  And her prosthetic was not made for cosmetic reasons - she was valued and celebrated as she was.
A really, really good story & I think a great way to introduce differences to your kids if you haven't already.

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Leslie said...

We LOVED it as well!! Precious movie!!!

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