Of Moose & Kids

Will's Great-Grandmother (Mimi) invited him to see a children's play last weekend.  "If You Give a Moose a Muffin," performed by the Majik Theater of San Antonio, is based on the beloved children's book by Laura Numeroff.  It was in town for one show only and it was wonderful!
R & I went along too because it sounded fun & R loves reading this book aloud to Will.

Will & Mimi before the show
For the first several minutes, he was so serious.
And then he slowly began to smile...
and it got bigger...
until he was beside himself in laughter 

Ya'll.  He LOVED it.  LOVED it.

(In fact, after the show, a mom told me & one of the actors that she spent the play laughing because Will was laughing so hard behind her.  He does have a contagious laugh!)

And it was really, really good.

After the show, he held Mimi's hand & headed out for muffins (provided by a local coffee shop) & to get autographs.
(sorry so many blurry pics- taken inside without a flash on my phone.)
Will & the Moose (obviously.)
When we went to NYC as a child, I loved finding the stage door after a Broadway show and waiting for the cast to appear so I could get autographs.  Once, I got Rosie O'Donnell's autograph after Grease.  But, while trying to get other autographs, I totally missed Madonna who pulled up in a car to get her pal, Rosie.  My grandmother (Mimi) saw her.  Not me.  But I got ole' so and so's autograph who played Rizzo.  Lucky me.
And what did I do with all those autographs I wanted so badly?  Stuck those playbills in a drawer and eventually tossed them.  Why did I want them so bad?  No idea.
Will & the Mom
Will & the "kid"

Thanks, Mimi!  What a fun way to spend a Saturday!
 (& Will is still giggling when he talks about the play!)

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Jo Anna said...

i love these books! i was so sad when i found out someone had stolen my collection from my bookcase.

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